Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) causes a systemic inflammation flush, working from the inside out. Local cryotherapy works topically, working from the outside in on a specific area with a wand-like device to target cold nitrogen vapor. It’s similar to WBC in the sense that it reduces swelling and inflammation, just working from a different angle. Local cryotherapy sessions are about 5-7 minutes, depending on the area.

Although local cryotherapy is more comparable to an ice pack then WBC, its much more efficient and in a quicker amount of time. Local cryotherapy uses extremely cold temperatures (around -200° to -250°) which causes blood vessels to constrict in the area. In response, the body delivers more blood back to that area where the cold application was focused. Blood contains oxygen, enzymes, and vital nutrients which leads to quicker healing to damaged muscles or joint tissue.

Local cryotherapy is ideal for those who may have one or more contraindications and are unable to do whole body cryotherapy. Local cryotherapy can be, and is often recommended to be used in conjunction with WBC to achieve maximum benefits.

Your certified technician will need to apply the cold air directly to the skin. This means if you are receiving a local on your knee, shoulder, lower back, etc., you will need to have that area exposed. For this reason, clients may want to wear loose clothing to be able to roll up or down. If you are still unsure about what to wear for the area you are interested in, please call us to discuss.

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