Local Cryotherapy FAQ

Local cryotherapy uses a smaller cryo machine to target cold air on a specific area or joint on the body. A session is about 5-7 minutes depending on the area.

One 5–7-minute session can be performed nearly anywhere on the body as long as it can be exposed. Common areas are: knee, shoulder, elbow, hands, ankle, neck, lower back, hamstring, etc.

Whole Body works internally, while Local Cryotherapy is more of an external, topical response. Local Cryotherapy works from the outside in, while WBC works from the inside out. Local Cryotherapy is more comparable to an ice pack or an ice bath.

Local Cryotherapy is able to get much colder than an ice pack can, which means its more efficient in reducing the swelling and inflammation in the area in a shorter amount of time. Local Cryotherapy uses dry cold air, which is safer than the use of an ice pack which can damage the skin tissue and cause an ice burn.

Yes! Local cryotherapy can be used in conjunction with Whole Body Cryotherapy for better, faster results. It is also a great option for clients who have one or more contraindications for Whole Body Cryotherapy.

The cold air used for Local Cryotherapy needs to be applied directly to the skin, so be sure to wear loose clothing that can be rolled up or removed in order to access the area. Avoid putting heavy oils or lotions on the area prior your session.

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