Cryotherapy Facial Leg

Bring Back Your Skin’s Youthful Glow!

Unlike a traditional facial where steam is used to open pores and harsh products are applied, Cryo-facials work to use your body’s natural reaction to cold temperatures. This completely dry and non-invasive facial uses nitrogen vapors to shrink pores and tighten skin on contact. Eliminate fine lines and blemishes, help heal scars, reduce the appearance of brown spots and puffiness all in 10 minutes. This is a true “lunch-time” facial, meaning clients are able to leave their makeup on without any post-recovery time!


What Sets Us Apart?

  • First Cryotherapy Facility on Long Island
  • Most Affordable Prices in the New York area
  • Open 7 Days/Week, Walk-ins Welcome!
  • Family Owned and Operated