Our Services

Cryology Offers Cryotherapy in New York

As the first and only facility of its kind on Long Island, Cryology has always been proud to offer affordable prices and flexible hours. We believe in offering great customer service, and our employees are always polite, friendly, and eager to help. Conveniently located in Babylon, we offer our services to New York residents.

Our therapies include:

  • Whole body cryotherapy: WBC involves briefly exposing the entire body to extremely cold air in the cryosauna. The cryosauna is a specially designed temperature-controlled room. This particular therapy is known to help various conditions.
  • Local cryotherapy: Also known as “spot” cryotherapy, this treatment is great for newcomers to Cryology or those uncomfortable with whole body exposure to the cryosauna. It can also be paired with our whole body treatment.
  • Cryotherapy facial: We apply cold nitrogen vapors to your face to eliminate inflammation and puffiness. The nitrogen also flushes out any dirt and toxins in your skin. Repeated treatments will encourage the production of collagen.
  • Salt therapy: This treatment has also been referred to as halotherapy. While relaxing, clients breath in the dry salt-enriched air. Salt therapy has been proven to loosen up mucus and reduce inflammation in the lungs.
  • Infrared sauna: Unlike a regular sauna that heats up the air around you and relies on steam, our infrared saunas use infrared lights that are shined directly on the user’s body. The rise in core temperature can relieve both minor aches and chronic pain.
  • NormaTec Leg Massage: The NormaTec Recovery System is an air pressure massage indicated to temporarily relieve minor muscle aches and/or pains and to temporarily increase circulation to the treated areas.
  • Alkaline water: Filtered and ionized, alkaline water is far less acidic than regular tap water. It has antioxidant properties that are believed to help with numerous health conditions, balance acids in the bloodstream, and help better metabolize nutrients.
  • NormaTec Leg & Hip CompressionThe Normatec Hip attachment provides next-level compression so you can warmup and recover quicker. Two overlapping zones create a gapless compression massage that covers the quads, hamstrings, IT bands, glutes, and lower back, and two adjustable buckles ensure a snug and secure fit that’s just right for you. *Currently only offered at our Babylon location.*

What Sets Us Apart?

  • First Cryotherapy Facility on Long Island
  • Most Affordable Prices in the New York area
  • Open 7 Days/Week, Walk-ins Welcome!
  • Family Owned and Operated